Hairstyle for senior women with gray hair

You don’t have to cover your gray hair. Natural hair looks no less stylish if you choose the right haircut. And the fact that it is better to cut gray hair – it is undoubtedly. Gray hair is more porous, more brittle and drier. Keeping long strands of gray hair in good condition is extremely difficult. And short haircuts are much easier to care for. What haircuts can be recommended for women in their 60+ years of age if their hair is completely gray?


This is a classic haircut that is suitable for any age. Ladies of an elegant age are no exception.

The traditional version of the carriage is performed with straight cuts, the haircut is completely symmetrical. This haircut is easy to care for, does not require complex styling. It is not necessary to update it often, but it is worth it if the length of the cut is unsatisfactory.

However, symmetrical haircuts do not suit everyone. If the face is not classically correct, it looks better hairstyles with variants of asymmetry. Such haircuts help to hide some of the disadvantages of the face.

Mature ladies often choose a square haircut with bangs, because at this age rarely anyone has a perfectly smooth forehead, and the bangs well conceal wrinkles.

A very good look brackets on wavy or curly hair. The hairstyle turns out to be very romantic.

Hairstyle for senior women with gray hair


This model is suitable for ladies aged 60 and older. It looks both on completely gray hair, and on strands of uneven color. The hairstyle is perky, it allows you to visually rejuvenate the image.

The ultra-short version of pixie is suitable for active women. But this hairstyle fully opens the face, so if there are serious flaws, they will be exposed.

A more universal option is the pixie with long asymmetrical bangs. Such a hairstyle allows you to hide various flaws.


This hairstyle is very diverse, so you can always find an option that is perfect for a particular woman. The bob can be short or elongated, there are hairstyles with variants of asymmetry, with and without bangs.

The classic bob has a clear form. The strands at the nape of the neck are cut shorter, while the crown is left elongated. The strands at the face are also lengthened. Haircut looks great on thin, completely gray hair.

Bob on curly or curled hair looks great. But the performance of such a haircut requires great skill, so you should apply only to an experienced master.

Often adult ladies are recommended to complement the bob with asymmetrical bangs. Such a detail allows you to hide various flaws in the appearance that appear with age.


This haircut is performed in layers, thanks to which the lower strands support the upper ones, and the hairstyle as a whole looks more voluminous. This allows for a beautiful haircut on thin gray hair.

Cascade can be short, such a hairstyle beautifully frames the face, hiding the imperfect oval.

If the hair allows, it is possible to make an elongated version of the cascade. This hairstyle suits almost everyone; it allows several options for styling.

The choice of a suitable haircut is very important. But do not forget about the need for special care for gray hair. To this end, it is worth to purchase products from a special series, and many manufacturers offer a special line of shampoos, balms and masks specifically for gray hair. Their use allows you to maintain the appearance of hair at the proper level.