Simple hairstyle for senior women

For women of any age it is psychologically important to look attractive and even irresistible. Today’s ladies and the global beauty industry are working hard to push back the age of aging as far as possible, and they’re making terrific progress. Nevertheless, there are certain signs that distinguish a mature woman from a young girl. And it’s not just, as it may seem, wrinkles and gray hair. It is also a more confident look, life experience, an established sense of style. The age of elegance – so today stylists and fashion designers call the period in which a woman finds “her” unique style.

One of the main aspects of elegance – the ability to choose an image that suits her appearance, character and age. And hair for women in this matter plays a paramount role.


Changes in the hormonal background of a woman to a large extent respond to her hair. They thin, become brittle, lose their natural brightness of color. It becomes more difficult to maintain the proper condition of the hair, so the elderly ladies always prioritize short haircuts, which are easier to take care of.

However, this does not mean that you should stick to this rule if you have naturally thick long hair.

But if your hair has been constantly colored or has been naturally thin, it is unlikely that you will be able to avoid further thinning and, what is even sadder, hair loss at an advanced age.

Simple hairstyle for senior women


By a mature age, every woman already knows the features and structure of her hair and is unlikely to decide to radically change the image, although this option is not excluded. As a rule, the age of elegance involves classic hairstyles, simple and even strict haircuts. But they can also diversify with different hairstyles, not denying yourself a change of image for this or that occasion.

Types of haircuts are very versatile, and hairdressers always have something to offer women in old age. The main advantage of any professional haircut is that it is just a basis for creating different hairstyles.

Consider the most common foundation haircuts.

For short hair

Short and ultra-short haircuts are the best option for troubled hair. With the help of a small length, you can hide many defects of the hair, such as thinness and split ends, fast salting, increased hair loss.


A timeless classic for any age that can emphasize the individuality of its owner. It can be easily styled with a hair dryer, curlers, combs with large teeth and combs-brushes. The classic carriage can be gradual, made in a more modern style with elements of the cascade.


The main feature is the strands of different lengths. Thanks to this hairdressing technique, the hair naturally gains volume and lushness. For each type of hair in this haircut has its own advantages: thin hair is raised at the roots with foam and mousse, while not dangling later lifeless strands, and too thick and curly hair gets the opportunity to get a shape and even distribution of puffiness.


The same strands of varying lengths, but with a special emphasis on filleting. Optimal for curly hair. The styling requires no effort, and the hairstyle itself is rejuvenating because it creates an image of naturalness and a kind of perky randomness.

For Medium Lengths

Medium length haircuts for older women are quite acceptable with healthy and strong hair. And if short haircuts are designed to hide hair problems, the hairstyles of medium length are able to mask the disadvantages and emphasize the advantages of the face.

Every day it is possible to appear in a new image, to do hairstyles, focusing on the situation: collect hairpins, arrange curly curls or, conversely, straighten curls.

Here again we can use the basic classic haircuts, the most advantageous of which will be different staircases and cascades. With their help you can both give a volume to your hair, and arrange the unruly curls. With the proper styling attractive and stylish look on the ladies of a solid age elongated square or elongated bob.

For long hair

In a mature age not often, but there are owners of luxurious hair, which you do not want to cut for the sake of fashion or stereotypes. Such hair can be arranged in a voluminous bun or a shell, to make a “basket” of braids, but even in a loose form hair will look great if you make a cut with a ladder or cascade multi-layered.

The basic rule for long hair – do not forget that age makes its adjustments, and the carelessness of the long hair only gives the charm to very young people. Ladies in an elegant age long hair should be immaculately groomed, have a healthy shine and elasticity.

How to choose?

Deciding to radically change the image or just to make some changes to their everyday hairstyle, ladies should be guided primarily by three main factors:

  • hair type;
  • facial type;
  • age.

Significant importance is also the character and lifestyle. Romantic individuals are unlikely to fit ultra-short hedgehog – a woman will be psychologically uncomfortable, and active seniors will always interfere loose locks, even if they are trimmed in the form of a ladder and fashionably arranged.

According to the type and length of hair

Hair type is taken into account to create optimally manageable hairstyles that require minimal time for styling, as well as to mask possible hair problems. For example, when cutting hair, it is important to consider the structure of the hair. Curly curls professional hairdressers cut with the direction of hair growth. For thin and brittle hair they choose haircuts that can maximize the volume.

Often ladies in the age group abuse perms. It should be borne in mind that each such procedure weakens the hair cover and the next perm can make the hair even more rare, and instead of fluffiness you can get a catastrophic loss of hair strands.

We should separately mention the gray hair. A woman’s gray hair is already a sign of withering and fragility. Therefore, long gray hair in a loose form can not look young. For ladies who prefer not to dye their hair, strict hairstyles with hair completely removed from the face or short haircuts are suitable. Hairstyles with gray strands will give a special charm to the filleted oblique or asymmetrical bangs.

According to your face type.

It’s no secret that the hair of a woman is her main assistant in creating the image. With the hair can visually change the shape of the face, hide flaws and emphasize the advantages.

There are several secrets for choosing the best haircut for the type of face. Experienced masters-stylists at first sight determine how the hairstyle will harmonize with the face, which features favorably emphasize and which it is desirable to hide.

The oval face shape is considered universal, it is suitable for absolutely all haircuts and haircuts, there is an opportunity to experiment with both romantic curls and ultra-modern haircuts.

For full ladies with a round face suit asymmetric haircuts, the classic square-cut with oblique bangs. In the image it is desirable to bring something that would accentuate the attention to themselves. A lengthened square cut with its tips will allow hiding the second chin.

The owners of a square face need the same accent. In this case it is advantageous to soften the features of the same asymmetry, but it is necessary to choose options with its vertical execution. It is worth avoiding slicked back hair.

According to the age

In the modern world, the borders concerning the age groups have shifted significantly forward. And if earlier it was thought that a woman of 55-60 years was in her old age, in our century it is not actual any more – ladies in 70 years can look elegant and stylish.

The times of lilac hair with a perm are long gone, modern beauty salons can offer seniors a huge selection of haircuts for any type of face, hair structure and personality.